The Narrative Project

Last updated: 19.1.2016

Palestinians and Israelis meet over a period of several months for a deep and meaningful exploration of the personal and historical narrative of the other.

The workshop includes lectures by two historians, Palestinian and Israeli, and visits to meaningful sites in the narrative of each side.

Thanks to the European Union Peacebuilding Initiative, more than 180 Palestinian and Israeli change agents participated in 2014-2015 in the program, including journalists, social workers, educators, artists and social activists.

A total of 700 people have participated in the program to date.  

External research has proven that more than 80% of participants demonstrated a positive change in their perception of the other as a result of participating in the program.

About the campaign:
The “Two Sides” campaign brings the personal experience and the human side of 8 Narrative Project participants, Israelis and Palestinians. The campaign is predominantly in Hebrew and Arabic and appears on this mini-site and also on our Israeli and Palestinian Facebook page – Crack in the Wall.
We display in this mini-site 8 stories in Hebrew and Arabic, an explanation on the project in general and a few words about the PCFF.
The English pages of this mini-site give reportage on the campaign and the project, including two stories from the campaign.


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